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Monkey Wash Bottles

Monkey Wash® is a *new* commercial strength multi-purpose cleaner, currently available in a 32 oz. spray bottle.

Designed with dirt in mind, Monkey Wash® works great on off road recreation and outdoor work vehicles.  Use it on tires, fender flares, vinyl soft tops, and undercarriages.  This is a powerful cleaner that does not contain VOCs or oxalic acid.  It can be used on water craft, such as jet skis and boats, and on other outdoor recreation or work vehicles, such as golf carts, lawn mowers and more.

Monkey Wash® is also a great household cleaner – inside & out.  It works great on vinyl siding, gutters, hard surface sinks, countertops and appliances.  Monkey Wash® is a useful stain remover on upholstery & clothing (ALWAYS test an inconspicuous area for color fastness prior to cleansing or treating upholstery & clothing for stains).

As always, use this product only as directed per labeled instructions.  Dilution ratios are included on the back label for use on painted finishes, chrome surfaces, etc.  Be sure to rinse Monkey Wash® cleaned surfaces thoroughly with water.

Monkey Wash® is not a car wash and is not recommended for cleaning the body of automobiles.

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